Thursday, May 6, 2010

IT vs NC: Station saved

X-7 Friday 00.01


First station about to fall in PB.

LOGISTICS, Battleships, dictors.
BOMBERWING present with FC! (shrapnel)

posted by SirMolle [EVOL] member

Over the last couple of days Ev0ke and Dead Terrorists have been making a push for a station in the far west of NC space, FIO in Fade. They reinforced the station once, and the end of the first reinforcement cycle coincided with the Stella Polaris sov issue so we let it go into armor reinforced while saving the stations in the north.

Today we formed up supercaps > carriers and jumped to FIO. The hostiles had battleships and bombers in system and the situation was a little tense; titans were assigned to doomsday enemy FCs and backup cynos were arranged, but even jumping into a hot grid with upward of 500 in system everybody loaded and enemy battleships were driven off. Although SC was present, according to forums their numbers were quite weak.

After jumping in

We started shooting a sovereignty blockade unit but the enemy reinforced the system's infrastructure hub and the SBU went invulnerable. This meant we had to wait for the station to come out of reinforced, at which point sov structures (all? some? does anybody actually understand sov?) would be vulnerable again.

When that happened we killed the SBU and repped the station. Somebody also dropped SBU in EC- before the fight started, and I think the supercarriers headed home early and took them out on the way.

SBU is going nowhere

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