Thursday, May 13, 2010

IT vs NC: Five SC supercarriers down in H-W

But first, some boring lead-up.

Over the 12 or so hours after my previous update enemy towers in h-w were coming out of reinforced every few hours, and after not too long we finished the last one off. Hostiles were still intermittently logging in to where the towers had been and dying, which brought our total number of capital kills for the h-w campaign up to 59 (plus a titan), while the IT killboard is showing they killed 48.

After all the enemy pos had been taken down the EC- station came out of armor reinforced, so we headed down and repped it. Many hostiles were still logged off in h-w, and they formed up 300 (according to intel) people at the login screen for 2 hours hoping to break out while we saved the station; however, we did a capital-only op and kept support in h-w, so they abandoned this. The next enemy breakout attempt was scheduled to start at 1000 eve time, one hour before downtime.

At 1000 we got about 290 people together and spent the hour warping around and trying to get tackle on an enemy battleship fleet which had logged in. At one point we got good bubbles on a couple dozen hostile battleships as their fleet warped off, and we kept getting kills here and there until shortly before downtime. The hostiles were very focused on the planet 9 moon 2 and p9m3 former pos locations, warping in repeatedly to kill mobile warp disruptors.

Good bubbles for once

Minutes before downtime a hostile ragnarok and aeon were reported on grid. The server went down, and soon we got a jabber alert that the hostiles were calling for everybody to get in and fight.

After downtime we finally formed a proper capital fleet and I switched to my dreadnaught. We got a warpin shortly and landed on what must have been the entire hostile fleet, battleships, capitals and supercarriers though no titans. We started out primarying and doomsdaying enemy dreads, who were attacking a friendly titan, but pretty soon we switched to supercarriers and took down a nyx and aeon in short order.

Taking down dreads

First nyx going down

First aeon going down

The enemy capitals that weren't tackled started cynoing out as the aeon was going down, and capitals stayed on grid to kill the ones that couldn't escape while supercapitals warped out to kill a logged off nyx and support kept a wyvern tackled 180 km from our capitals. When the enemy capitals and nyx were down our capitals and supercaps warped to a logged off aeon and killed it, then to the wyvern and took that down too.

Mopping up enemy capitals out of siege

Second aeon going down

Killboard link

It was a pretty good night, overall.


  1. Awesome recount of the events. IT said this campaign would take many months. I can stand to watch repeats like this over and over again.

  2. Totally agreed on the recounts, you should "work" for the ISD and put those news in-game.
    As for IT ... it's amazing how much they can whine on the forums. Last war I fought against them was in ASCN, and they were ACTIVELY crashing nodes and ALWAYS the first to be back online to shooty-shooty people one by one. Now when it turns against them all they do is whine about node crashing and crap.
    Don't get me wrong. I was one of the guys posting on the forums wishing them good luck when they got eliminated by the goons using that stupid meta-gaming hack or whatever it was. But now that they are back, I still think someone needs to teach them a lesson, and whatever way this war goes later on, I believe NC is doing that just now :)

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  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Anonymous, thank you very much for that, it was very interesting indeed. If you ever want to talk my email can be found under the 'about and contact' link at upper right; we could set up IM or something.