Monday, May 10, 2010

IT vs NC: H-W attacked

As you know if you watch any forums, the SC have finally made their move. They called an all-out coalition CTA and put everythig into our staging system in tribute, locking it down at downtime with 7-800 reds in an obvious attempt to PR- us (perseus has stated as much). Their plan apparently is to put everything into one system for 5 days, take the station and move on to the next; and today and tomorrow are a russian holiday, so their numbers are the highest they will ever be.

The trouble with this is that the enemy is based almost entirely out of russian and european time zones with minimal US coverage. Local peaked at about 1100 today, but started dropping fast around 2 PM PST (11 PM GMT) to around 300 reds. After a couple hours of spinning and waiting for the capitals they had on the station to mostly log off we broke out at 9 PM PST.

(note: when I first wrote this I actually used a future tense and predicted breaking out monday; happily, it didn't last that long)

Immediately after breaking out

Another view of the station

It was snipers vs snipers and we warped out, warped in, bubbled, killed bubblers, that sort of thing. The enemy used their capitals, warping carriers in to rep and so forth. Modules were very laggy for all sides and damage coming in was fairly light. Between this and people being able to warp out, logi were really useful - something of a new feeling for me.

Snipers on the station

Bubbles going down

After a couple hours the enemy logged off and we had system dominance. Word is they will be bringing a fight; if something goes down I'll post about it.


  1. Word is youve not held the system since SC arrived, whats with the propaganda.

  2. Sounds like you're behind the times, son. I'm what's called a primary source, and you can look the term up if you need to.

    I say that the station is clear, services are being repped (fitting just came online), hostile pos are being reinforced and local is strongly blue in our worst time zone. I get to say these things because as I type this I'm repping the cloning service, listening to dreads sieging on teamspeak and have local open. Any questions?

    Here, have some proof